American football players' social accounts have been hacked


Another OurMine hacking.

Fifteen National Football League (NFL) team profiles, including this year's Super Bowl players: San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, have been hacked. Not only team profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were taken over, but also the official NFL account. The OurMine group is responsible for the attack. at HBO, Netflix, Real Madrid, or Twitter creator – Jacek Dorsay.

Super Bowl, which is the largest festival of American football and the advertising market, is fast approaching. This situation was decided to take advantage of hackers from the "famous" OurMine group, who after three years of inactivity, decided to remind themselves by taking over the accounts of footballers.

OurMine is a group of hackers who breaks into the accounts of famous people and brands. The list of its victims is long and includes the Spanish football teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​as well as entertainment giants Netflix, HBO and Marvel. Sundar Pichai, Google president and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey also fell victim to it – comments Kamil Sadkowski, senior threat analyst at ESET.

OurMine was responsible for violations of players' accounts, including changing profile photos, headers, account names, descriptions, as well as deleting messages. A group of hackers have posted on Twitter in which they admit to carrying out an attack and warn football fans that any account can be hacked.

According to the NFL, the attack was carried out via an external platform, and hijacked accounts have been restored and properly secured.