AMD is chasing Intel! AMD processors with a 12% increase in popularity

amd ryzen vs intellectual

Steam statistics contain interesting data.

Everything goes according to plan. AMD is consistently taking Intel away from new customers and it looks like in a few years the image of the processor market may change beyond recognition. By comparing the current situation with that from two years ago, one can say that a kind of revolution has already taken place.

In January 2018, only 8% of players using the Steam platform used AMD processors. The latest results of the Hardware and Software Survey show that in November 2019, approximately 20.5% of Steam users already used AMD processors. In the case of people using Windows the percentage is 19.45%, in the case of "Linux" as much as 24.90%!

amd vs intel steam

Unfortunately, we do not know which processors players use, because Steam gives only the number of cores among popular systems, without any division into companies. It is worth noting, however, the 1.5% increase in the number of 6-core processors at the turn of November and October this year. My guess is that they are new 6-core and 12-thread processors AMD Ryzen 3000, which debuted some time ago and were warmly received by players and reviewers.

The increase in popularity of AMD processors should not come as a surprise. The current generation systems not only offer a better price than Intel alternatives, but often also higher performance, even for the computing power of individual cores.

Will Intel finally shake itself and the 11th generation of processors will be a sensible alternative to AMD's proposition? If not this percentage of people planning to purchase an AMD processor will continue to grow, and that means …

Source: Steam