AMD entered the new year previously massacring Intel

amd vs intel processor

A new sales record in a popular store.

AMD ended the year with a really strong accent. This clearly shows how consumer preferences shaped in 2019. The popular German Mindfactory store published sales reports for December in which AMD literally crushed Intel. "Czerwoni" could boast of 86% share in sales all processors. Intel with a score of 14 percent is extremely pale against this background.

In 2019, AMD proved that it is able to create processors not only fighting the Intel solutions, but also surpassing them. The manufacturer is due to the processors of the series that are well rated by reviewers and users AMD Ryzen 3000 showed that it does not have to forever be the background for its only competitor in principle. Let's be honest: Intel did not show much in 2019.

amd vs intel mindfactory 2

In parallel, the store published sales data for the entire period from November 2018 to December 2019. The ranking reveals that every month AMD processors sold better than Intel solutions. You have to remember thatthat Mindfactory is rather a shop for enthusiasts, and AMD has historically been selling well on the German market. These factors, however, do not really diminish the success that AMD has achieved in recent months.

amd vs intel mindfactory 1

Of course, a lot of water in Wisła will pass before the company AMD will gain a share even close to Intel in the global market. Perhaps we will never wait for this situation, but last year the advantage of the "blue" slightly decreased. People who choose Intel solutions have done it mainly because of their preferences (certainly not for the price-performance ratio) or for specific professional applications – for example, programs in which Intel processors led the way.

I am not lying to you that in 2019 AMD processors were much more versatile. In our comparison of the best processors of 2019 there was room for one Intel chip. Before you suspect the author of bias, you must know that I use an Intel Core i5-9600K processor on a daily basis. Yes, I'm a fan of Intel who can appreciate what AMD has been showing lately. And you?

Source: Reddit