Amazon mistakenly sent a 79-year-old mysterious package and refused to return it


Strange situation.

Poles are eager to use the offer of Amazon online stores, despite the fact that this company does not sell officially in Poland. Opportunity seekers praise good customer service, a high standard of the warranty process, or a very convenient return policy. Quite the opposite of the image of Amazon must have a 79-year-old, who fell victim to the giant's bizarre behavior.

79-year-old Tony Harding from Bristol ordered a 20-kilo sack of firewood in January. How great was his surprise when the courier arrived at his door with a 29-kilogram packaging with a drawing of a stationary exercise bike. The man asked the courier to verify that someone else in the area is not waiting for a similar package. In response, the courier said that Harding must contact Amazon on this matter.

"When I noticed that the package contained a fitness bike from Nero Sports, the courier suggested that my wood could be packed in an extra box. I was stunned by this suggestion and before I could answer, the courier managed to turn on his heel and walk towards his car. I suggested to him to take the package back or at least check to see if someone in the Bristol area was to receive a machine of this type in the package. The courier after checking the waybill said that it only handles deliveries, not returns and cannot take the goods back. ", Tony Harding said in an interview with The Guardian.

At this stage, the matter is not fun at all – just a simple mistake. I remind you some time ago Amazon has sent condom packages to buyers of Nintendo Switch consoles from all over Europe instead of the devices they were waiting for, so … Such situations happen.

Tony Harding contacted Amazon, demanding the delivery of his firewood. The store's crew easily agreed to send him the previously ordered goods, but … she categorically refused ordering a courier for an exercise bike.

"I was told that if nobody comes to pick up the bike within 48 hours, I should do whatever I want with it. It's a nice gesture, but I'm not going to use this machine" – explains Harding. It is not understandable why the man did not simply decide to dispose of the purchased goods, and instead give the matter media coverage.

Amazon agreed to collect the package only when the case was publicized by the local press. The company said it had already clarified the matter with the shipping company and took appropriate action. Why was all this so strange? Perhaps the value of the bike was slightly higher for Amazon than the cost of transporting it? Hard to say…