Amazing change in the new Kali Linux 2020.1 – you can now download it

Kali Linux is an operating system based on Debian that likes to surprise. For example, in the 2019.4 release from the end of November Undercover mode, which made it easy to resemble an open source OS to … Windows 10. New, just released Kali Linux 2020.1 is very astonishing for many people. We are talking about the need to create an administrator account without root rights at the stage of system installation. There are other changes.

"Tools that we identify as requiring root access, as well as common administrative functions such as starting and stopping services, will interactively ask for administrative privileges (at least when launched from the Kali menu)", explains the need to change the development team. Creating an administrator account without root rights will ultimately increase the level of system security.

The novelty is, among others a new theme for GNOME users, with pre-installed light and dark mode to choose from. The new Kali Linux 2020.1 has several interesting packages, including splinter, emailharvester and sherlock.

kali linux 2020.1 download download

From now on the creators they don't offer several different images for various development environments. Previously, the manufacturer provided separate files for Xfce (the default form), KDE, MATE, or GNOME. The new Kali Linux is just one image that allows you to install the system without having to connect to the network.

Soon two Kali Linux 2020.1 images will be available – live image and network installer image. The first will allow you to use the system without installation. The second one will be really compact, it will allow you to choose the environment and tools, but – obviously – it will require a network connection for efficient installation.

It should be remembered that Kali Linux is an unusual distribution and created mainly for penetration tests. It offers over 300 tools created for this type of application, including Aircrack-ng, Hydra, Nmap, Wireshark, Metasplot framework, Malte, Owasp-Zap, SQLMap, John, Burpsuite, Johnny, Pyrit, SIPcrack, PWdump, Rainbowcrack, Maskgen, Hexinject, SSLSniff and Dsniff.

If you know that you need such a distribution, you can download Kali Linux from our file base, in this place.