Allegro introduces a key change for buyers

Allegro delivery time

A small thing, but enjoys.

One of the most popular sales websites in Poland has implemented the previously announced function. Allegro now notifies buyers about estimated delivery time for parcels, which according to research is one of the most important shopping criteria. The appropriate message appears already at the stage of reviewing offers, and the detail of the data depends entirely on the seller.

Many of you will say "but it was already" at this point. From now on, algorithms will be responsible for displaying information. The accuracy of the forecast will depend on the detail of the information provided by the seller on the sales platform. The following are taken into account:

Historical and current parcel shipping data and how much time the carrier needs to deliver it. Information about this is obtained from shipment statuses.

  1. Shipping time declared by the seller.
  2. Fast shipping time declared by the seller – i.e. the time by which the buyer should place an order so that you can send the package the same day.
  3. The category in which the offer is issued.
  4. Seasonality of sales (pre-Christmas period, Black Friday etc.).
  5. Working days and holidays, your holidays.
  6. The transport time declared by the carriers

From now on, however, information will not be displayed based on the duration of the shipment, but rather the specific date or range of days when the package will be delivered. The appropriate message is displayed in several places:

  • on the Offer page,
  • in the Delivery Details on the Offer Page (instead of the lead time),
  • on the Delivery and payment form,
  • after the transaction – on the Thank you page for shopping,
  • in the post-purchase email.

The estimated delivery time is already visible in selected offers – with time it will become a more common view.

Source: Allegro