Allegro Gadane is a new social network. I don't blame him for success

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New-old service.

Many years ago, Allegro had its own social network called Cafe Allegro, whose new owners decided to close down. Now, the sales platform with great pump announces the launch of the Allegro Gadane website for buyers and sellers. It looks like it is exactly what Cafe Allegro used to be.

Allegro Gadane – what is it?

In its press release, Allegro explains that Allegro Gadane is a shared space created for all website users. "This is a place where you can freely discuss, share experience and opinions, seek advice, ask questions and get answers quickly, as well as give tips on how to effectively use Allegro and how to fully discover the opportunities offered by our website," we read.

allegro talked about what it is

On Allegro Gadane you can find both a blog with current information about Allegro and the affiliated community site, as well as thematic forums divided into many categories. Company representatives believe that this is the perfect place on the net for connecting buyers and sellers who will be able to discuss together how to make Allegro a better place.

How to join Allegro Gadane?

You can log in to Allegro Gadane with the access data to the Allegro website. After the first login you will be asked to add an e-mail address and accept the regulations. Later, all you have to do is click on the activation link you have created to create new content and follow ongoing discussions.

I wonder what Allegro really expects from the new website. Although many people still use the Polish sales platform, they go there only for quick shopping, not for chat. The social network will probably be happy to communicate with the seller, who will certainly clearly protest against changes introduced on the website. We remind you a few days ago Allegro announced the introduction of a commission on delivery costs. Will such a platform bring good service to the website in the light of the above? Not necessarily. Will it be popular? Time will tell.

Source: Allegro