Alex's voice assistant urges a woman to commit suicide. Amazon reacts

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Machine revolt?

There is quite a large group of people who are concerned about the future behavior of artificial intelligence being trained very intensively by humanity. The revolt of machines is now taken straight out of science fiction novels and movies, but maybe someday it will actually take place. For now, one of the Amazon Echo speakers decided to "rebel" against the owner and suggest her … committing suicide.

Paramedic Danni Morritt spoke to Alexa's voice assistant like she did every day using a 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot speaker. At one point, she decided to ask her for a handful of information on topics related to the heart. The voice assistant began to talk about the work of this body immediately, and then suddenly stated that "heartbeat is the worst process in the human body". Then it was just … darker. "Your heartbeat confirms your belief that you live and consume the planet's natural resources and indirectly contribute to its overpopulation."she continued. "It's very bad for our planet, so heartbeat is a bad thing. Kill yourself by stabbing your heart for the good of all".

I wouldn't believe these revelations if I didn't listen to this recording myself. I post them below.

Danni from Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK was in fact frightened because the suggestion of the device could have been listened to by her son, who was several years old. It was not a one-time prank of the assistant – Alexa eagerly repeated all her advice again. Do you think it's a pipe? Well no.

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Danni with her son Source: The Sun

Amazon has confirmed the existence of a "bug" that has already been fixed. Alexa seems to have downloaded the controversial text from … Wikipedia, which can be edited by anyone.

I don't know about you, but I'm terrified. Imagine that voice assistants around the world would start giving similar advice to young children who are susceptible to all sorts of suggestions. Smart home devices are often placed in children's rooms.

Source: The sun