[Aktualizacja] How many folded phones has Samsung sold? You won't guess

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The company shared the number.

Samsung launching the Galaxy Fold smartphone from the very beginning had big ambitions. Despite the problems at the start, Koreans managed to correct the biggest shortcomings of the smartphone and provide it to users. During the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin conference, Samsung boasted the number of folded smartphones sold. It turns out that worldwide interest in this type of technology has expressed million people. So many flagship pieces have been sold so far – despite its absurdly high price.

Samsung Galaxy Fold has been priced in Poland for less than usd 10,000 – the manufacturer has already boasted about the great interest of the device in our country. It turns out that the situation is not only in Poland. All over the world, users have willingly spent their money to try this technological innovation, despite its smaller or larger limitations.

A million smartphone pieces sold look pale with Samsung's quarterly results, but that's not all. In the first quarter of 2019, Koreans sold around 78 million phones, from March to May about 16 million units of the Galaxy S10, and the end of the year belonged to the folded Galaxy Fold. It is also worth remembering that the folding device was not available everywhere immediately. Samsung was introducing Galaxy Fold to the markets very slowly, and it took to expand its purchase options almost 4 months.

Samsung predicts that by the end of 2020 it will be able to provide customers with significantly more foldable smartphones – 6 million pieces are planned. All this can succeed if the latest rumors about the cheaper and more affordable Galaxy Fold 2 model, which is expected to debut in the first quarter of next year, are confirmed. In addition, there is also a folding device design with a flap, so … 2020 promises to be really interesting for the manufacturer.

[Update]: If you thought that the number of 1 million units sold, valued at around 10,000 zlotys, Galaxy Folda was inflated, then … you are right. Yonhap News reports that a Samsung representative corrected the information previously provided. He said that 1 million Folds sold was only Samsung's sales goal. The official number of copies sold has not been provided. Some analysts estimate that around 400-500 thousand Galaxy Fold smartphones could find buyers.

Source: TechCrunch