AirPro Hoffen air purifier from today in Biedronka. Perfect to fight smog?

2019-10-24 082225

The price is attractive.

With the start of the heating season, the problem returned smog. As a result, in almost all of Poland there is even a several-fold increase in the concentration of pollutants in the air, which also penetrates into our homes and workplaces. Specialized devices for cleaning indoor air are the answer to these problems. In shops Ladybug today appeared AirPro Hoffen priced at usd 249. What does the budget cleaner offer?

AirPro is responsible for the efficient operation fan with a set of three filters, ensuring high efficiency in the removal of harmful dust. These are: pre-filter, H (EPA) and carbon filter. The first – introductory – catches the largest elements such as dust, hair and hair from the environment. In turn, H (EPA) – (Efficiency Particulate Absorber) – the most effective filter in the fight against viruses or microscopic pollen – cleans the air of most PM2.5 dusts. The carbon filter, on the other hand, is responsible for minimizing odors and poisonous gases.

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The manufacturer says that the device has good CADR performance, which is 95 m3 / h. In short, this means that the purifier is able to filter 95 cubic meters of air for an hour, so you can estimate how many times per day they will be cleaned throughout the room.

AirPro Hoffen offers three modes of operation: turbo (when air pollution is highest), normal and light. In turn, the timer function activates the activation and / or deactivation of the purifier at a programmed time, so you can influence its active operation even while away from home. The device works well in rooms with an area up to 12 sq m.

Of course, there were no smart functions known from more expensive devices. AirPro Hoffen is available for usd 249.

Source: Hoffen