Advoider is an "adblock" for television. How it works?


Are you fed up with ads? Check it out.

The latest product of the Zielona Góra company, QDIQO, went on sale. Advoiderbecause we are talking about it is a small device that together with a dedicated mobile application automatically switches to channels of free of advertising, mutes the sound or turns off the decoder and TV for the duration of unwanted content. After completion, it returns to the observed station, to the set volume level, and turns on the decoder and the TV set.

Advoider is a small device that, when combined with the mobile application available for Android and iOS, creates after configuring with a satellite TV decoder, mechanism adapting the way the broadcast content is viewed to the user's preferences.

Its basic functionalities include, among others: automatic switching to another selected station or category of channels on which there are no e.g. advertisements, mute the sound and switching off the set-top box with the TV set for the duration of unwanted programs or promotional spots. Then, when they are finished, turn on the decoder and TV, return to the watched station or to the previous volume level.

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When entering the market, Advoider supports the two most popular TV platforms – Cyfrowy Polsat and CANAL + and monitors in terms of content 34 most famous TV stations, thus assuming the role of a personal television assistant.

Advoidera gives the possibility to set two types of functions called automatic and manual. The first are the activities that Advoider performs itself according to the viewer's preferences. The second ones take place with the help of a user who changes channels independently, within previously set lists – favorite channels, categories or monitored stations. The manual action is controlled using the remote control in the application or the decoder remote control.

List of monitored channels: TVP 1, TVP 2, TVP Series, Polsat, Polsat Film, Polsat Café, Polsat Play, TV4, TVN, TVN7, TVN Style, TVN Turbo, TV Plus, HGTV, TTV, Stopklatka, Kino Polska, TVN Fabuła, Discovery Channel, 4Fun TV, Polo TV, Eska TV, TVN 24, TVP Info, Polsat News, TVP Sport, Polsat Sport, Eurosport 1, TVP ABC, Disney Junior, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Mini Mini +, Cartoon Network.

TV platforms, stations and additional functionalities will be expanded in the coming months. Currently, the device can be purchased on the manufacturer's website. Its cost is 399 usd.

Source: QDIQO