Ads with Orłoś and Wojewódzki on Facebook? It's a scam

facebook orlos wojewodzki scam


Another campaign of fraudsters targeting Polish Facebook users is underway. Unfortunately, Poles can still be fooled by clickbait headlines that tempt with free iPhone smartphones, Audi cars, homes (!) And of course methods for quick, effortless earnings. This time, the roles of people authenticating scam and encouraging people to click on posts appear against their knowledge and will Kuba Wojewódzki and Maciej Orłoś.

Cheating is schematic to pain. After clicking on the flashy header with the content (original spelling) "Has Maciej Just Accidentally Revealed the Secret of Creating Wealth" the user is redirected to a fake website – you have already seen hundreds of such.

scam facebook 1

On the website that looks like a typical big news website there is supposedly a real article about the miraculous method of multiplying your money. There are, of course, dozens of crafted comments coming only in theory from people who were helped by the method to make a fortune.

scam facebook 2

For this scammer campaign, an investment platform for cryptocurrencies called Immediate Edge is being promoted. After going to her website, the internet user is promised to earn $ 950-2200 in earnings a day. Such amounts often affect the imagination of older people or those who do not fully understand the methods of cybercriminals on the web. The website also advertises with the face of Bill Gates and a quote that authenticates the sense of investment.

Then there is only more nonsense with a limited number of places for Poles, comments of people with stock photos about fabulous wages and the alleged "lack of investment risk", which is … negated in the footer of the website with the words "HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING".

Interestingly, before the site warns in the web browser of users Neostrada CyberTarcza Orange, which detects a phishing threat.


Seeing such or similar wonderful methods of earning money in one night, week or month just indulge. And warn your loved ones before them – you don't even know how many people lose money on these shady businesses.