Adobe will cancel service subscriptions for users from around the country and will not refund any money

Adobe Venezuela

President Trump tells companies must.

Not only states but also their citizens lose on the new policy of the American government, implemented unusually strongly. By order of the United States administration American companies broke off early cooperation with selected Chinese companies, which Huawei and new Huawei Mate 30 smartphones. Other countries are also in the crosshairs, as Venezuelans using the company's services will find out about on 28 October Adobe.

Adobe deactivates all user accounts its services in Venezuela. The manufacturer's representatives state that this has to do with the guidelines provided by President Donald Trump and By Executive Order 13884 issued by the US government. Both free and paid accounts will be deactivated and their users will be deprived of the right to recover their money after that date (!). Only until October 28, Venezuela citizens have time to download their files and part with Adobe products.

Not all companies interpret regulations in the same way as Adobe. Microsoft is still intending to provide the Office 365 service there. The regulation clearly states that it is targeted at the Venezuelan government and people who support it materially – not the ordinary citizens of this country.

The United States has most severely limited its trade relations with Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Source: Arstechnica