A tool for detecting manipulated photos has been created, ideal for fighting against fake news

Deepfake Obama

Software that fakes false news.

American holding Alphabet (Google owner) has created a free tool that will help detect a manipulated photo. Assemblerbecause that is his name, it was designed by a team of engineers who specialize in the fight against disinformation, censorship and news manipulation.

The tool uses advanced tests that will check whether another photo has been included in the photo, the brightness or background elements have not been changed. Of course, the software will be constantly developed with new functions.

It is worth noting that some websites have already received access to Assembler and are testing its operation. Tool is dedicated to journalistswho every day must separate true information from fake news. Ordinary Internet users will not be able to use it.

If Assembler does its job and is available to editors around the world, the quality of journalism can improve significantly. Not only will it be easy to interpret fake news, but also stop the duplication of false information and identify the culprit.

It is hard not to get the impression that today manipulation has become part of political life or show business. The creators of Assembler emphasize that they carefully select users who will gain access to it. All to avoid any abuse. Perhaps we will soon see whether the work of engineers will also apply in our country. For now, we are waiting for information on the progress of the tests.

Source: CNET