A tiny wonder. 8BitDo introduces a gaming controller the size of a key fob

2020-01-05 113533

Inspired by retro style.

The company 8BitDo, known for the production of retro-inspired controllers, introduces a small pendant size Bluetooth controller called Zero 2.

Why is the device so special? Provides comprehensive compatibility. According to the manufacturer, Zero 2 will be paired with Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android devices, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

2020-01-05 113555

The controller, which was first shown last summer at E3, can now be ordered for $ 20 or under £ 18 on Amazon. The product is available in pink, yellow and turquoise.

2020-01-05 113606

Weighing only 20 grams, the controller is small enough to be worn as a key ring. It is perfect when you are at friends and need an additional controller or if you want to play on the go. A slight disappointment is the charging port in the Micro USB standard, a better solution would be to use a more modern USB-C.

2020-01-05 114035

Source: 8BitDo