A supersonic car exists and is preparing to break a speed record

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The first tests were successful.

The design of the Bloodhound supersonic car is something that was talked about a few years ago. Until now, the engineers' idea seemed to have died a natural death, but it turns out to be completely different. A record from the speed record breaking into the network – Bloodhound succeeded overcome the barrier of 500 miles per hour (about 805 kilometers / h) in one of the last tests. The event took place in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa.

The fastest speed recorded was 501 miles per hour, or about 806 kilometers per hour. The team responsible for the development of the Bloodhound car, however, is not satisfied with the result. The company would like to break the record set by Andy Green in 2020 drove at 764 miles per hour (about 1149 km / h). On the video shared by the crew you can see the effect of the work and the amazing speed achieved by the vehicle. There was also a recording straight from the "cockpit".

The Bloodhound project officially began in Great Britain in 2008. Last year, the company had to give up developing its idea – mainly due to lack of money. However, it soon became apparent that interest in the supersonic car was greater than previously thought. A British businessman entered the game and decided to finance his dream of breaking speed records.

The Bloodhound vehicle has 13.5 meters long and derives energy from a combination of jet and rocket engines. These include, among others Rolls-Royce EJ200 – the same one as the Eurofighter Typhoon. The rest of the power comes from several hybrid rockets from the Scandinavian company Nammo. Bloodhound will return to the Kalahari desert in 2020 to break the land speed record.

There is nothing else to do but keep your fingers crossed.

Source: DT