A Russian using an iPhone is suing Apple for making him gay


Unbelievable, but it's true.

If you ever talk about any absurd lawsuits aimed at various companies, it is usually done in the context of events taking place in the United States. Meanwhile the latest a curious court battle will take place in Moscow. Russian D. Razumilov accused Apple of making him gay.

A radio station made the case of the unfortunate Russian Govorit Moskva, whose journalists received a copy of the lawsuit from the victim himself. In it, Razumilov declares that in 2017 from the Apple app store he downloaded an application that allows payments using cryptocurrencies. This summer, he received an anonymous transfer of 69 GayCoins (yes, currency really there)who started an avalanche of further problems. Further Russian translations are astounding.

russian apple gay
Russian lawsuit against Apple Source: Govorit Moskva

The transfer was accompanied by a message in Englishwhich the Russian translates as "don't judge until you try". Razumilov argues that only this one message directed his thoughts in such a way that pushed him to try life in a same-sex relationship (sic!). Two months after receiving the message Russian is "in a same-sex relationship from which he cannot free himself".

"I have a permanent partner and I don't know how to explain it to my parents. After receiving the mentioned message, my life changed for the worse and will never be normal again", complains the man who accused Apple of manipulating him (!) into homosexuality. Therefore, the plaintiff demands from the Cupertino giant 1 million rubles (approx. usd 61 thousand) compensation.

Do you doubt this story? Well, we were skeptical too. However, the case has already been registered by one of the Moscow courts, which can be found in this place.

We are not sure if the Russian filed a lawsuit for a joke, whether he is not fully psychic, or whether he is really serious about his allegations. I would not like to look for any conspiracy theories here, but at the back of my head I thought that maybe the case was deliberately brought to discredit the environment of homosexuals who have a hard time uphill.