A revolution in uploading files on Android. See Nearby Sharing in action (video)

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Finally a solid alternative to Apple's solution.

What Android smartphone users have always been jealous of Apple is AirDrop technology that allows you to quickly share files. For several months, several Chinese manufacturers have been developing a similar proprietary solution, and this time Google decided to show off its idea. Nearby Sharing function, which you can see on the video below, is to allow users to quickly transfer and share files between devices.

Kieron Quinn managed to get the full functionality of Nearby Sharing using Google Pixel 2 XL and OnePlu s7 T Pro smartphones. Unlike the solution proposed by Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, Google's idea seems to work on all newer smartphones with integrated Play Services. After clicking on the sharing option, the smartphone begins to search for nearby, compatible devices thereby asking owners if they want to receive specific files.

Google will also allow automatic, user-preferred visibility for some contacts. You will also be able to change the ID in the form of the name of the smartphone itself. Whole works almost identical to the Apple devices and AirDrop technology.

One of the XDA forum programmers also launched Nearby Sharing on their smartphones. It turns out that transferring a 3.5 GB file from Pixel 4 to Pixel 2 XL it took just over two minutes. It's much faster than uploading multimedia to the cloud and sharing the link with friends. Nearby Sharing is based on a Wi-Fi module, but is also able to use Bluetooth. In this case, however, you have to accept a much slower data transfer.

Google has not announced when we can expect official launch and implementation of Nearby Sharing on compatible smartphones. It is very possible that this will happen before the first half of 2020.

The American manufacturer must also specify official requirementsthat must be met to be able to use the described solution.

Source: AndroidPolice / Opening photo: Android Police