A parcel from Allegro that you haven't ordered? They can be sex gadgets

allegro sex toys

What's happening?

Oh, strange things are happening in the Polish state. It turns out that an indefinite, ever-growing number of Poles received parcels at their home addresses and work addresses. There would be nothing unusual about it, if not for the fact that these packages were not ordered by them. The contents of the mysterious packages were always … sex toys.

In life, however, there is nothing for free

It soon turned out that no mysterious benefactor ordered the shipments. Really unaware addressees of gadgets were paying for sex toys. Despite the fact that in the history of Allegro accounts of the victims, the transactions were erased, there was a visible loss in funds on payment cards permanently connected on this website. Sellers from the popular shopping website confirm that they have received a lot of messages from surprised consumers.

"We noticed that something is happening on Allegro and there are unauthorized purchases of buyers from us (we are a seller). The incidents began on the weekend and since then there have been cases from 5 buyers of such purchases. Each time the payment went from their card connected to Allegro. We know the problem after e-mail from the buyer. We wrote to Allegro in the subject and apart from the enigmatic e-mail in the climate "everything is fine." that money was taken from their card and there was a purchase on Allegro's account. ", we read in one of the messages sent to the website Nieysznenik.pl

allegro sex toys 2

There are two rational explanations for the matter. More likely is a joke based on one of the online "Chanów". Perhaps someone managed to gain access to one of the recently stolen e-mail databases (e.g. Morele store) and by using the password spraying method, i.e. rewriting e-mail addresses and passwords, that person made purchases on the accounts of different people. All the confusion may also result from an error on Allegro's side and one of the purchasing algorithms.

Fortunately money for purchases can be recovered exercising the right to return items purchased online within 14 days of receiving them. The whole situation is therefore more embarrassing and embarrassing for buyers and sellers than harmful.

Allegro has not yet published a communication on this matter.

Source: Niebezpiecznik.pl