A new payment method on Allegro. Buy now, pay in 30 days

10/09/2019 153523

Allegro Pay later.

Allegro is not idle and is still looking for new ways to encourage Poles to shop online. In August last year, the subscription service "Allegro Smart!" Was introduced. – the customer pays once and has free delivery. Now the company has focused on running a new form of payment.

Allegro Pay later is a new way of shopping on Allegro created in cooperation with Polish fintech PayPo. The whole process is not complicated – the customer makes a purchase, receives a product and can pay within a maximum of 30 days at no extra cost. If he needs more time to pay the bill for purchases, he can extend the payment period by a further 30 days, paying 5% of the total value of the order.

10/09/2019 154340

From September 10, you can use deferred payments in the "Child" category. In the coming months, Allegro Pay later will be available in subsequent categories.

Shopping up to PLN 500

Allegro Pay Later acts as one of the available payment methods. Customers who want to use this method of shopping will be verified by Allegro in a few seconds on the basis of data already available on the website, such as e.g. purchase and payment history.

After receiving a positive decision, the customer will see the individual purchase limit with each transaction deferred payment. The value of one-off purchases with deferred payment is up to PLN 500. Unique when shopping with Allegro Pay Later is that no need to log in to external systems, e.g., banking or payment operators.

Buying on Allegro with deferred payment is identical to ordinary purchases, and the seller immediately receives the full amount and can immediately send the purchased product. Returns are possible within the standard 14 days or according to the policy of individual sellers.

Source: Allegro