A new and needed security function has hit Windows 10

windows defender anti tamper

The system will be even more secure.

Microsoft has introduced a new security feature to Windows systems without much publicity. Created primarily for people using the ATP Defender (Advanced Threat Protection), it will also go to all home users' software. It is about mechanism to protect against system integrity violation.

The new system will be a great firewall blocking applications that want to make changes to the device and its security functions without proper permissions. It will make sure that other security systems, such as anti-virus software, for example, are not deactivated by malware that tries to limit their operation. Only system administrators will be allowed to make specific changes.

The novelty will go to all computers automatically and turning it on on home computers requires no additional action. Those willing can disable this protection mechanism from the menu "Windows Security". If the appropriate option does not yet appear in your system, it means that the mechanism of protection against violation of its integrity will be in it literally for days.

anti tamper microsoft

Warning: for the time being the benefits of the new technology will benefit only users of Windows 10 (1903), i.e. the people who installed the May update. Microsoft promises, however, that the new feature will also go to older versions of the system.

Source: Microsoft