A massive attack is underway on Windows 7 users – it will be even worse

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This was to be expected.

Windows 7 is a system that really treats many people with great sentiment. Its users seem to be doing nothing about it On January 14, 2020, he will lose Microsoft's support and will not receive any security updates. Unfortunately, using it will be highly unreasonable, which is shown by the rapidly growing number of attacks on this software.

The Webroot company dealing with security issues on a daily basis has published a report in which it indicates the risks of using "Sevens". In 2019, the number of attacks on users of this system increased by as much as 71% compared to 2018. The year 2019 is not over yet, so this result will certainly change.

"Computers running Windows 7 have twice the chance of infection, compared to machines controlled by Windows 10. In 2019, roughly one in eight computers with Windows 7 fell victim to an attack.", we read in the report. Of all the malware, 41% hid their files in the Temp folder, and 24% in the appdata.

Cyber ​​criminals are targeted most often by home users, not companies. In 64% of all attacks, they are the victims. This is due to the much weaker security of computers used in households.

Free support for Windows 7 can be extended for a year. There are three methods for thisbut they are not available to everyone.

Currently, 30% of computers around the world work under Windows 7. Does your computer belong to this group?

Source: Webroot