stolen data

A man was arrested who was engaged in the mass sale of stolen accounts to Netflix and Spotify


Over a million stolen logins and passwords.

In Australia, a man was arrested who earned about 211,000 dollars from stolen login data. Sources report that he was associated with the site, which reportedly has been gathering a large database of users willing to buy illegal accounts for a long time.

The Australian citizen had to sell stolen logins and passwords to Netflix, Spotify and Hulu over one million users. The detained man is 21 years old and has been charged with five charges, including unauthorized access to data, non-compliance with copyright of a given service, gaining profits from a crime, spreading false information and trading in identification data.

The stolen data was supposed to come from unconscious victims from around the world, mainly from Australia and the United States. The Australian cyber crime chief said that these types of crimes could be a precursor to more insidious forms of data theft and manipulation. So it is very important to have a good antivirus that will keep your computer safe, check the list of the best anti-viruses and install some if you do not have one yet.