A large Polish bank warns: do not use Windows 7

Windows 7 Pro

The bank advises against logging in from the old system.

The termination of technical support for Windows 7 has caused considerable confusion especially among business users and in institutions where security issues are extremely important. The outdated Microsoft system will no longer receive security updates so it is an easy target for hackers, banks are also aware of this.

Alior Bank on its official website in the "New threats" section warns before using Windows 7.

"For the security of your data and financial resources, please do not use computers with Windows 7 (and older) to operate electronic banking systems." – informs Alior.

The bank also emphasizes that if security errors are detected in Windows 7 in the future, they will not be corrected by Microsoft. Computers with this system will become an easier target for cyber criminals. This can even lead to the theft of funds.

Windows 7 users should make it upgrade to supported Windows 10 or look for an alternative in the form of another operating system.

Source: Alior Bank / Photo: depositphotos