A giant Chinese telescope began its work. He is to find life outside Earth

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The largest and most sensitive Chinese radio telescope started operating. A 500 meter diameter structure designated as FAST after many months of testing it is finally ready for use. This is the second largest telescope on our planet – right after Russian RATAN-600 construction. The whole was located in Guizhou in southwestern China. In addition to studying specific signals from space, the FAST telescope is also going to look for life outside our planet.

The abbreviation FAST is nothing more than a simplification of the words Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope. In Chinese, the construction is called as Tianyan, which in free translation means "eye of the sky". The FAST antenna itself consists of 4500 individual panels responsible for collecting and processing the signal. FAST also allows you to direct it to different parts of the sky. Best of all, the technology and capabilities of the Chinese telescope will be fully open to interested scientists from around the world.

Li Keija, a researcher at Peking University claims that the use of the telescope FAST will allow the discovery of more unknown stars and cosmic phenomena, and will also help to better understand the laws governing the universe. The Chinese telescope will also search for life outside our planet.


The FAST construction finally cost around $ 170 million. The design itself is old – it was created in 1994. Construction began, however, only in 2011. Scientists and engineers have been testing the telescope since 2016. Finally, it can be said that it has been officially put into service.

To build a telescope, engineers had to relocate about 7,000 people living in the surrounding area. Astronomical park has been built around FAST to encourage tourists and other visitors to increase their knowledge.

There is nothing else to do but wait for the first discoveries and effects of this giant telescope.

Source: FAST