A former employee of the antivirus industry … stole the data of thousands of customers and sold them to fraudsters

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It happens.

Trend Micro is a well-known player in the security and anti-virus industry. However, it turns out that even there you can find black sheep that use the tools given to them for unethical purposes.

How can we read from the Trend Micro statement – "A former employee of the company had an incorrect access to data with the explicit intention of committing a crime". This person then sold the stolen data to fraudsters who called customers claiming to be … collaborators of the antivirus company.

The Trend Micro investigation showed that no outsiders were involved in the case – everything was done inside the company. The fraud was to be planned for weeks, and control systems proved to be the biggest obstacle to its implementation.

What was stolen from the Trend Micro database? In the statement we can read the following entry:

"A Trend Micro employee used banned tools to access the customer service database. It contained names, email addresses, company support request numbers, and phone numbers. We haven't noticed the theft of credit card information. ".

About 68 thousand victims of fraud people. Trend Micro has sent individual notifications to all users containing apologies. The company also emphasized that its representatives never call customers without a prior email message.

Source: PC Gamer