A deaf man sued Pornhub, YouPorn and Redtube for lack of subtitles

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Ah, those Americans.

People watch pornographic movies for really different reasons. Some are connoisseurs of female beauty, others lovers of strong, erotic sensations, and others watch this content because of the feature layer and dialogues. Yes, there are such people, which is proved by the unusual indictment that has just been brought to a New York court.

A deaf man decided to bring a lawsuit in a Brooklyn court accuses Pornhub, YouPorn and Redtube, as well as their Canadian parent company MindGeek, for not publishing subtitles under most porn material. Yaroslav Suris thinks that he cannot fully enjoy watching spicy movies, because he does not know what their characters are saying to each other. Suris is backed by the 1990 Anti-Discrimination Act.

"Without subtitles, the deaf and hearing impaired cannot enjoy the video content on the defendants' websites, while the rest of the public may" – Suris wrote in his 23-page (!) indictment. In it, Suris demands that movies on pornography sites always contain subtitles. In addition, the injured person demands a refund of lost profits and compensation for "damage suffered".

Pornhub's vice president, Corey Price, sent AFP a statementin which he reported that the site already has a special section for subtitled videos. This will increase constantly.

A lawsuit filed by Yaroslav Suris may seem amusing and unfounded to some people, but it must be remembered that deaf people have the same needs as fully hearing people. "Word games" are an integral part of adult movies, and without them some content may actually lose much of its value. History shows that an American court can agree with a plaintiff.

Source: yahoo