A cartridge-like Sony patent can be … a removable SSD design for PS5


There have been a lot of theories.

The editors of the LetsGoDigital portal discovered an interesting patent registered in June by Sony. His name is "PlayStation Cartridge", which would indicate that the Japanese could create a new portable console. However, this scenario is unlikely.

The patent has the following description: "Configuration used in data storage and storage devices". This sentence suggests that we can deal with a removable SDD projectwhose replacement and storage would be extremely easy.

Valuable information is also the name of the patent designer – Yujin Morisawa. For over 15 years, the man has been a close associate of Sony and a senior art director in the company. He is responsible for most products signed with the PlayStation logo, which allows you to believe that the above product has real chance to see the light of day.

sony-ps5-ssd 1

The sketches rendered by LetsGoDigital are not a reflection of the final appearance of the cartridge, but they certainly allow you to realize how this type of removable SSD from Sony can look. The biggest question, however, is not an aesthetic issue, but … the price.

The vision of a removable SSD is fine, but it has a chance of succeeding only if its price is adequate to market realities. Just remember the dedicated SD cards for PlayStation Vita, which were horrendously expensive. May Sony learn from mistakes.

Source: LetsGoDigital