A bug in Firefox 69 prevents files from downloading – here's how to fix it

firefox 69.0.2 problems

Guilty Microsoft?

It seems that some users of Windows 10 have recently had serious problems using the Firefox web browser. After updating the program to version 69.0.2 Downloading files often becomes impossible. We know what causes trouble and how to remedy them.

It turns out that files via Firefox 69.0.2 cannot be downloaded by people using 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 systems with active parental controlswhose computers belong to the family group. Attempting to download any file results in immediate cancellation and download "Empty" file to a folder with downloaded content. The problem does not apply to macOS, Linux platforms and mobile device users.

Mozilla has identified the problem, but the solution is only available in the Nightly browser build. To restore the option to download files in Firefox, the easiest way is to uninstall the browser and install Firefox 69.0.1, while deactivating automatic updates. Alternatively, you can disable parental controls on the affected device or remove them from the family group. Of course, the second exit is rather bad if you really use the Microsoft tool.

Of course you can also try a different browser. This is a great opportunity to check the possibilities the new Opera 64 we wrote about yesterday.

Source: Mozilla