A 24-year-old from Białystok was arrested, who shared over 10,000 films online

2019-10-25 144753

Another pirate content service closed.

In the era of universal and cheap access to VOD services, there are still Internet users who are eager to reach for pirated content. Therefore, there is no shortage of websites where whole catalogs of fresh movies are placed, however, it should be remembered that their quality often raises doubts (these are often so-called cinema screens, i.e. copies of films recorded during a screening in the cinema).

Police in Podlasie informed that officers have eliminated the illegal sharing of audiovisual works by Białystok residents. From the website which 24-year-old he was the owner and sole administrator, he benefited up to 300,000 registered users.

According to police officers, the suspect probably distributed films and series online during the period from September 25, 2015 to October 8, 2019. Of course, he did not have any copyrights or licenses. In total, it has been illegally distributed over 10,000 audiovisual works. Losses of film distributors were estimated at over usd 3 million.

On October 8, Podlasie policemen entered the apartment where the 24-year-old stayed. Computer equipment, copies of servers, cryptocurrency hardware wallets and cash in the amount of usd 42,000 were secured on site. Also, cash in the amount of almost usd 180 thousand held on bank accounts belonging to the 24-year-old was blocked. On Monday, the Białystok residents heard the charge. Now the court will deal with his further fate.

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Protected items during detention / Photo: Podlasie Police

The police do not state directly under what domain the detained person operated. However, everything indicates that this is a popular website Fili.ccwhich stopped working almost simultaneously with the arrest of the suspect.

Source: Provincial Police Headquarters in Bialystok