99 dead pirates – become a dark pirate (review)

99 dead pirates

An addictive slasher with pirates in the lead role.

Mobile games, despite the rapidly growing smartphone performance, have their limitations. The main one is control – it's hard to imagine, for example, a serious football simulator, and without a mouse, precise shooting at enemies is very difficult. No wonder that titles with a not very complicated mechanism that provide a lot of fun even during a short break are quite popular.

99 dead pirates – a dark slasher with great graphics

Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Contains ads / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: 5.59 usd-10.99 usd per item / Android: 4.1 and newer
99 dead pirates "width =" 128 "height =" 12899 dead pirates is certainly such a title. We can include it in the so-called slashers, or action games in which we fight constantly incoming enemies. We play the role of a dark pirate and try to kill as many enemies as possible. All this has been dressed in a well-made graphic and sound design.

Gameplay mechanics are not overly complicated. Our hero moves slowly forward and the title pirates emerge from the darkness. At our disposal is a normal or strengthened attack, fast forward movement and dodging backwards. The limit is the bar of life and strength. Killing enemies requires both good reflexes and appropriate tactics. We can't just hit the screen with our finger as soon as possible. As we progress, we gain new weapons and other additional items (e.g. scrolls that allow us to discover the mysterious story behind our hero). The combat system is well thought out and provides a lot of satisfaction. The level of difficulty requires a lot of concentration – just a moment of inattention and our pirate dies.

The free version requires watching ads in certain situations (e.g. when we want to gain an extra life). However, this is not too burdensome and necessary to make progress.

A big advantage of 99 dead pirates is undoubtedly the graphic and sound design, which creates a very addictive, dark atmosphere (in the settings we have the ability to indicate whether blood should be visible). A title worth noting, not only for fans of "fighting".

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