8 Android features that are missing in iOS

Android smartphones have many features that iOS phones can envy. In my December entry I gave you five reasons why Android smartphones are better than those with iOS. Today I present 8 functions and features of Google software, which are missing on iOS, and which are regularly used by owners of even the cheapest Android phones.

Android gives freedom to choose the default applications


By buying an iPhone, you agree to what Apple offers you. Although iOS users have been striving to change default applications for years, the Cupertino giant remains adamant. By using this company's phone you will not set a default application for reading e-mails or browsing network resources. It's not a problem for Android users forever.

Android on your smartphone looks exactly the way you want


If you are a person who likes to personalize your smartphone, then it's better not to buy an iPhone. Android allows you to change the appearance of the home screen, place various widgets on it, or use the appropriate application to change the wallpaper automatically each time you unlock the screen. Ah, there are launchers. Having a Google phone, just download the new launcher to change the look of the software beyond recognition.

Always-On Display

always-on display

People using smartphones with an OLED screen love Always-on Display, i.e. displaying notifications and times on a locked display. Why turn on the smartphone screen and check messages nervously, since these can be displayed on the panel on an ongoing basis. Yes, some Apple smartphones also have an OLED screen, but they do not have Android, so you can forget about the "always on display".

Send files via Bluetooth


It is strange that in some matters Apple is so stubborn. Sure, iOS smartphones have Bluetooth, but try sending a file between an iPhone and a device with a different system using this communication standard. It's not possible! Apple uses AirDrop to send files, which is however Apple's internal standard. Forgive me, but I prefer Bluetooth and the convenience of being able to freely transfer files to any other device with this module.

Google Assistant is much better than Siri


If you use voice assistants to facilitate your smartphone, for example when driving a car or managing a smart home, the Google Assistant is a much better solution than Apple's proposal. Google's virtual helper simply works better, is more advanced and understands many of the questions asked by the user. And Siri? And Siri falls pale in the tests. No, this is not finger-sipped information. See results of the great test of voice assistants. You can look at the results of other tests – their winner is almost always the Google Assistant.

Close multiple applications at once with one tap


Do you have Android and want to close several background applications at once to free up resources and improve device performance? Nothing easier. One tap or gesture, then one more tap and voila – you close all programs. And on the iPhone? You can delete applications one at a time, or combine with your finger's display layout to remove three background apps at a time. Uncomfortable as hell. Believe me, however, that next year, maybe two Apple will introduce the function known from Android in iOS and will call it an amejing revolution.

Picture-in-Picture mode is really useful


iPhones have already got split screen mode, but they still don't have a "picture-in-picture" mode that is comfortable in some situations. On Android, this mode debuted widely with the release of Android Oreo in 2017. For example, you can reply to a message using Google Maps, which will be transferred to a small window. It can be moved freely on the screen, as well as resized. This feature also works in many video playback applications. It's extremely comfortable!

He realizes that Android is not an ideal system, but the above features are serious deficiencies in the iOS software available on iPhones. Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments. And don't be afraid, I will keep balance in nature. Soon there will be a text about the functions of iPhones that are missing in smartphones with Google software.