7 programs for Windows that I can't function without


Seven wonderful.

Each of you has certainly programs without which it is difficult for him to function every day. I'm not talking about Instagram or Facebook apps installed on the smartphone, whose only task is to tear you away from the surrounding reality. Rather, I mean personal computer tools that support work, fight procrastination, improve well-being, or are invaluable for any other reason.

In this post I would like to appeal to you to recommend to other readers Your favorite applications available for Windows. I will start with myself, of course, although I warn you that my list is not ambitious and consists of tools that most of you know very well. As a person using Windows 10 I could not do without these tools.

Google Keep

google keep

I couldn't do it without using the best app to create notes in my opinion. The number of tasks every day sometimes exceeds me and I just have to write down some things so as not to forget about them. In fact, there is no day that I do not supplement Google Keep with new notes – I did not plan a monthly budget here, did not create shopping lists or did not add further ideas for modifying the car. In the notes application, I can add labels, photos and reminders, and each of them color in such a way that the main page of the program resembles a fridge stuck with sticky notes. Google Keep is installed on the desktop and smartphone, and the notes automatically synchronize between these platforms.



No NotePad, not Word, not an alternative from LibreOffice. Notebook. No, not NotePad ++. In my work I use a regular Windows Notepad, because I just have a workflow. Why? First of all, because it is an ultra-light writing application that has never let me down. It never crashed and I never had to restore work unsaved in it. In addition, the program window is minimalistic, which helps me a lot in analyzing the content of many windows at once and creating content. Yes, I know that I can lose all my work by accidentally deleting something and overwriting changes. That is why I often save my activities in two different files. Maybe it's silly, but don't judge, please. 😉



What is there to write a lot? In my opinion, this is the best and lightest photo viewer that displays materials in virtually every available format. Ba, allows you to easily apply their basic treatment. I really can't imagine using another tool.



Some have YouTube, others have free Tidal from Play. I have been using the Spotify service for several years and I am satisfied. I don't think I have to specifically advertise the Swedish application, because you all know it well. I pay a subscription because I want to listen to music without ads and save offline playlists, which I play in my car. Spotify is a nice method to relax at home and in the car, but also on the houses. Just start the Spotify app on your smart TV, pair your smartphone and voila with it – you can play your music. I know, I know it was supposed to be about Windows apps, but Spotify is after all a multiplatform tool and one of its advantages.

Google Chrome


I often praise you for various internet browsers outside the "big three". I like Brave, I like Opera GX, I appreciate Vivaldi. On my basic computer, however, I use Google Chrome, because – I will not hide – I am a bit of a fan of this corporation's services. I am convinced by the convenience of synchronizing work between individual devices, as well as the function of transferring the image to my TV with Android TV with built-in Chromecast. I have a very efficient computer that is not impressed by the relatively high Chrome resource requirements. I rarely use advanced browser functions such as free VPN (I am testing a paid service from Nord VPN for you), and the ad blocker built into other browsers replaces the uBlock Origin plugin for me, so in Chrome I really lack nothing.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

geforce experience

Surprised, right? And you shouldn't be. The GeForce Experience software not only reminds me of the need to install a new graphics driver. NVIDIA software is also a convenient overlay for taking screenshots of games, recording fragments of gameplay, as well as an FPS counter. I occasionally play screenshots using Ansel software, and sometimes I also use the automatic recording of interesting parts of the game. I will not hide that I just like this application, and that I also like computer games, I often use its various functions.


cpuid hwmonitor

From time to time I test for you various types of computer components. In private I also sometimes play overclocking and I just like to monitor the status of my equipment on a regular basis. On this occasion, I use the CPUID HWMonitor program, which allows me to monitor the temperatures of all components located in the computer. I am a person for whom it is not only the appearance of the interior of the computer case that matters noticed reading mine reviews), but also the appropriate work culture of its individual components. Using this type of software you will always be aware of whether your equipment works in optimal conditions.