520,000 Whirlpool washing machines at risk of fire

whirlpool washing machine fire

A serious problem for thousands of people.

From time to time, electronic equipment manufacturers sometimes sell their products to the market. You don't have to reach far with your memory to remember the "bomb" scandal of exploding smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or – let's focus on Samsung there – hopeless screen durability in the new Galaxy Folds, which the South Korean company had to improve for several months. Of course, mishaps also occur in the world of motoring and home appliances. Whirlpool washing machines were found to be a very dangerous defect.

520,000 washing machines produced from 2014 to 2018 have a serious construction defect

Whirpool calls on almost 520,000 buyers of Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines manufactured since 2014 to immediately stop using them. It turns out that they have a serious disadvantage of the door locking mechanism. This defect may lead to the drum opening unexpectedly during washing or overheating of the structure, which may lead to ignition. The service campaign will not start until January 2020.

whirlpool washing machine fire 2

All consumers will have a choice either a new washing machine or free repair current construction done on site at their home. Fortunately for the residents of Poland, the defect only applies to models of washing machines produced for the British market. However, I know that among the readers of Instalek there is a large group of Poles living in Great Britain, so I think that they should be aware of the serious defect of the devices sold there.

Whirpool suggests to stop using the washing machines or use a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius, of course, in order to shirk any possible liability for damages to human health. I will not say a very nice Christmas gift. Should people suddenly wear dirty clothes in several hundred thousand households?

Source: Daily Mail