$ 5 million – that's what the authorities offer for capturing the biggest hacker in recent years

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The chase has begun.

American officials have issued an official arrest warrant alleging – they also offer $ 5 million prize for information that will capture one of the greatest cyber criminals of recent years, Maksim Yakubets. What was the fault of the Russian who is responsible for the development and maintenance of ghacker roup with a graceful name Evil Corp? The list of allegations is long, and in the background there is a thread with two huge thefts.

Russian Evil Corp headed by said Maxim Yakubets is responsible for creation of Dridex software used to break into bank accounts, regardless of region. In recent years, hackers have stolen using this system roughly 100 million dollars – among others from Bank of America and even from individual accounts of some American schools. The British joined the entire pursuit, claiming that huge sums of habit have also disappeared from their country hundreds of millions of pounds.


The arrest warrants were issued immediately after Maksim Yakubets and his partner Igor Tuarashev. The US authorities also sanctioned the closest associates of both hackers. In total, 17 people were entered on the relevant lists. The $ 5 million award for capturing Yakubets is also the largest in history ever to be awarded for information on any cybercriminal. So the matter is really serious.

In 2015, the FBI managed to paralyze Evil Corp's operations and temporarily block the operation of Dridex software. However, it quickly turned out that hackers were smarter than agents and the entire procedure related to distribution and theft came back to life. The pursuit, however, begins to narrow. So far, 8 people have been convicted in the Evil Corp case: a total of 40 years imprisonment.

It is not known how long it will take for specialists to search for Yakubets and his associates. Given that they have been operating without a problem for so many years, … this practice can definitely take a while.