5 Android apps you can't miss [Aplikacje tygodnia #157]

Apps of the Week # 157

We invite you to the next part of our series of sets of new and interesting Android games and applications.

This week, we present a tool to block the camera in the smartphone, an application to personalize the notification LED, as well as an extensive logo and other graphic elements creator. Mobile players will be able to test themselves in the title for basketball fans and minimalist puzzles.


Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: usd 10.99 per item / Android: 4.0 and newer

Cameraless "width =" 128 "height =" 128

A tool for locking the camera on our smartphone. It will be especially useful for people who want to take care of privacy and secure their device against the possibility of previewing.

The application allows you to add selected applications to the exception list and password protection.


Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: usd 6.59 – usd 16.99 per item / Android: 8.0 and newer

NotifyBuddy "width =" 128 "height =" 128

An application that allows you to set a notification LED on the screen of your smartphone. It allows you to specify its location, color, etc. We can run the diode only for selected applications.

NotifyBuddy is intended for owners of smartphones equipped with an AMOLED screen.


InstaLogo Lite

Price: usd 0 / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: usd 4.59 – usd 9.09 per item / Android: 4.0.3 and newer

InstaLogo "width =" 128 "height =" 128

An extensive logo and other graphic elements creator (banners, leaflets, post graphics etc.). Application operation is intuitive and largely based on ready-made elements that can be quickly adapted to your needs.

Ready projects will be saved in the form of a graphic file (JPEG, PNG) and a PDF document or shared on social media.


Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Enables in-app purchases / In-app products: usd 4.99 – usd 479.99 per item / Android: 4.4 and newer

NBA NOW "width =" 128 "height =" 128

A sports game for basketball fans. It offers carefully made 3D graphics and intuitive and not too complicated control. We play short fragments of matches with a specific result and try to lead our team to victory.

There were also elements related to the management and development of our team.


Rescue Cut

Price: usd 0 / Contains ads / Android: 4.1 and newer

Rescue Cut "width =" 128 "height =" 128

A minimalist puzzle game in which our task is to rescue a person hanging on a rope in a locked room. For this we need to cut the rope in the right place.

Each subsequent level raises the bar – obstacles and additional elements appear that make it difficult to release.

These are all our weekly suggestions. If you know the news that we should write about – be sure to let me know in the comment!

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