15 games we played on school computers


Free games from computer science lessons and internet cafes.

I remember my youth and all my first computers well. I had ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, I also experienced a short affair with Atari, to finally, like all of you, end up with a personal computer. I think times when "PCs" were gaining popularity are happier times, at least from the player's point of view. It was then, because of the lack of universal access to high-speed Internet games (mainly free) that we played with friends sitting next to each other – in internet cafes or schools – during breaks and during computer science lessons. Some of these titles will be remembered forever.

I decided to create a list of the most popular games in which young people from my and a bit younger generation played on school computers. I put on it a total of 15 items that can make a lot of fun today.

Most of the school games listed below you can download for free from our file base! In this case, of course, you'll find the appropriate link under the description.

1. Elasto Mania (Action SuperCross)

Elasto Mania

I do not know if there will be even one person among you who has not heard of this game, which is also known under the name "motorek". Elasto Mania from 2000 and its prototype from 1997 under the name Action SuperCross had a trivial assumption: to ride a motorcycle through a map full of obstacles in the shortest possible time. Simple? Not completely. Satisfying? As hell!

Elastomania – download

2. Liero


What would happen if the Worms were played in real time? This is the question Joos Riekkinen asked himself and in 1998 he created the answer. Liero is a shooter game that is known today as OpenLiero and released on Windows and Linux. Players control earthworms armed with five types of weapons drawn out of 40 (!) Available. There are four modes available: Kill'em all (this is where Metallica, HE HE ended), Game of Tag, Capture the Flag and Simple CtF. It's dynamic and … funny.

Liero – download

3. Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

The 1998 Epic MegaGames game allowed players to play the role of an armed rabbit. The goal here was to overcome more skill levels and kill more bosses. Platformer thanks to nice graphics, simple control and satisfying gameplay it was extremely playable. Thanks to the multi mode, players were able to pass the next level in cooperation mode or compete in four other modes – also on one computer.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 – buy at GOG.com

4. Blobby Volley

Blobby Volley

It is really difficult to make the game simpler in its assumptions. Its course can be summarized briefly by writing that it is a volleyball with two "snots" in the lead roles. Low entry threshold, simple controls, trivial assumptions and great emotions at class tournaments.

Blobby Volley – download

5. Deluxe Ski Jump 2.1

Deluxe Ski Jump 2.1

And on breaks and games we played "in Małysz". This is what DSJ, or Deluxe Ski Jump, was called. The production created by Jussi Koskela, released on July 4, 1999, tried to make an almost Polish national game. The players played the role of ski jumpers, who, using fairly faithfully reproduced laws of physics, had to glide as far as possible on various hills. DSJ even worked on a potato with a monitor connected, provided that the potato had a Pentium 166 MHz processor and 470 KB RAM.

Deluxe Ski Jump 2.1 – download

6. Icy Tower

icy tower

Here is another phenomenon that worked on almost every computer and addicted to almost everyone who touched it. Icy Tower is a free platformer from the Swedes with Free Lunch Design. Released in 2001, it was tasked with climbing the highest floor of the tower as efficiently as possible using spectacular jumps. The player had to take into account not only the "falling" screen from the 5th level of the tower giving less and less time to move, but also numerous obstacles.

Icy Tower – download

7. Worms 2

Worms 2

Worms, worms. No matter which part of the Worms you played, you certainly played it among your friends. The possibility of having fun in up to 6 people in front of one computer gave a lot of possibilities in the scope of concluding temporary "alliances", even in the "everyone on everyone" mode. Not only the comments of the worms abused on the maps aroused laughter, but also hilarious situations that due to the destruction of the environment and the physics engine happened to the brave warriors-grubs.

Worms 2 – buy at GOG.com

8. Bartender


The bartender, also known as Bartender, is a popular browser game in which the task is – and how – making fancy drinks. The key here is the right selection of ingredients, determining the success.

Bartender – play

9. Tribes


I honestly admit that the phenomenon of this game has bypassed me a lot, but I know that younger people spent a lot of life with the Tribesmen. A browser strategy game set in the Middle Ages was one of the most popular games of this type around 2003. In 2011, it even got a version for Android and iOS. In Tribesmen, the players' task is to set up and develop a settlement, as well as to rob other players from resources. I didn't play Tribal Wars because I played the space OGame, almost identical in assumptions. You probably know many similar productions, right?

Tribes – download

10. Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

If you are inevitably approaching retirement age, it is quite possible that you remember Scorched Earth from school. The production debuted on March 20, 1991 and could be an inspiration for Team 17 to create Worms. This turn-based game allowed you to steer tanks that were supposed to eliminate enemy tanks with a set of different weapons. The area was destroyed, which greatly diversified the fun. Up to 10 people could have fun in one game!

Scorched Earth – download

11. Prehistory


Such games are no longer created. Prehistory is a very nice and incredibly playable arcade platform game that still remembers the time of Amiga. She got old quite, quite because of her drawn graphics. The player takes on the role of a caveman, who must pass the level at a certain time, while collecting enough food. Opponents stand in his way, and each level also offers a handful of secrets to discover.

Prehistory – download

12. Flight of the Hamsters

Flight of the Hamsters

There were times when browser games were extremely fashionable, which set the target players to launch an object as far as possible. The one that probably gained the greatest popularity in schools was Flight of the Hamsters, where joyful hamsters were to be sent into space.

Flight of the Hamsters – play

13. Counter-Strike


Modification to Half-Life was once the king of internet cafes. Developed by Minh Le and Jess Clife, it was released in 1999 and by storm it has gained popularity among players around the world. On various maps, players played the role of terrorists and anti-terrorists, and tried to achieve the map's mission objectives. Low hardware requirements did not go hand in hand with poor workmanship. CS amazed with the physics of weapons, interesting maps and gameplay requiring the highest coordination of team activities and individual skills.

Counter-Strike 1.4 – download

14. Quake III

Quake III

The hit of internet cafes was also happily played during IT classes. Quake III is a dynamic shooter that needs no introduction. Utilizing the id Tech 3 engine, it ran on computers with a 233 MHz Pentium II processor, with even just 8 MB of RAM. Many sites place this FPS in the list of the best games of all time.

Quake III – download

15. Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament

At one time, players were divided into groups playing Quake and Unreal. I didn't like Quake III, so I was competing with friends on slightly more tactical maps in Unreal Tournament. Quake's competitor had slightly better bots, and also pleasantly surprised with the alternative shot mode on all available weapons. Players also appreciated the ability to run mods.

Unreal Tournament – download

And what games did you remember from your school days? Perhaps I forgot about a title that was a real hit in your school? Let me know in the comments.