140 issues of the iconic Bajtek hit the network. Remember the past years

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The Bajtek magazine is one of the first computer-related magazines published in Poland. The monthly was published in 1985 – 1996 and shaped knowledge about technological innovations and computer games among tens of thousands of Poles. After many years, Bajtka remembers with nostalgia. I am pleased to inform you that as many as 140 Bajtek scanned numbers have just been uploaded to the Archive.org website.

A well-known Polish computer journal found its way to the Archive.org section called The Computer Magazine Archives. The collection includes not only the first issues of Bajtek printed on newsprint, but also many special numbers. You can read them all online. There are also so-called clans, i.e. sites dedicated to Atari, Commodore, ZX Spectrum, IBM and even Amstrad computers.

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It is worth remembering that Bajtek's first issue debuted in September 1985 as an addition to the Banner of Youth and Rebirth. It lasted until 1989, when it became an independent magazine.

byte number 1
The first issue of Bajtek from 1989 Source: Archive.org

Bytie once sold sensational. The average circulation was 55,000 copies, but there were times when 200,000 copies of the monthly were sold immediately and kiosks did not make any returns.

Those of you who know Bajtek's story well will be surprised at the news of 140 numbers. After all, it was not until 2016 that Bajtek's special issue number 135 was released. That's true, but some Bajtek editions were double, there were also editions that were divided into two parts during the scan. With the rest … take a look at Archive.org, here and remember past times.

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