10 times faster than 5G? Japan is already working on a new network

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More, faster, better.

The Nikkei report reveals that the Japanese want to significantly overtake other countries in the development of new generation wireless networks. While in Europe there is talk of the widespread implementation of 5G networks, The Japanese will work on its successor – 6G. The whole is expected to work until 2030, offering speeds 10 times higher than those declared in the 5G specification. The report also claims that Japan is not the only country that has already decided to develop this type of technology. China, South Korea and Finland are also to work on 6G.

The Ministry of the Interior and Communications of Japan is to set up in January government-civil research society, including scientists from the University of Tokyo. Relevant people from brands such as NTT and Toshiba will also be invited to create a transparent 6G specification and think about it, how these types of networks can operate in the country.


"Post 5G" because that's what 6G Japan calls, according to engineers will be able to reach speeds almost 10 times higher than 5G. The Japanese see this as an opportunity for the development of even better robots and the use of holograms in real time. They were to be responsible for sending data high frequency waves that are not used for 5G. It can be expected that this issue will of course be the most controversial.

In addition to Japan, China also announced in 2019 that they have created two research and development facilities. In Finland, scientists and engineers collaborate on university projects. In South Korea, Samsung and LG have already established their research centers, in which scientists are wondering what the future of communication will look like when 5G becomes boring everyday life.

We will have to wait for the first specification and the real 6G capabilities. And probably not for a short time.

Source: Gizmochina