$ 1.5 million – that's the amount of money you can get for finding a serious bug on Android

google exploit 2

The prize is only for a few.

Some time ago, Google ran a special bonus program for finding errors on Android. So far, the biggest prize was a fee of 38 thousand. dollars. This morning the limit has been "slightly" raised. From now on, the concern offers up to $ 1.5 million for discovering a vulnerability. A tempting sum.

However, I have to let you down – such an award can go to the hands of only the most talented programmers and scientists. One and a half million dollars you can get for "Detection of an exploit allowing remote code execution violating the Titan M element on Pixel devices". This error is intended to allow hackers to break into the dedicated security system of Pixel devices without physical access to the device.

Admittedly, even in this case, 1.5 million dollars sounds really … good. Especially if we compare this amount to the rest of Google's spending on bonuses. A little over $ 1 million in total paid out to the developers for finding errors in the Android system in the last 12 months. Now that's more or less it offers for finding one gap.

However, interested developers must break through the entire Google security system for this purpose. It's probably not that simple.

Source: TechCrunch