The aim of cyscon SIRT is to minimize unattended third party manipulations by notifing the responsible parties, before Google or any other blacklisting provider detect it.

To assist domain owners and ISPs, cyscon & it’s partners / friends provide a “Security Incident Reporting Service” (SIRT) to any network owner, who is interested in receiving automated alerts regarding malware, phishing & other security related issues on infrastructure he is responsible for.

Therefore we have developed and operate an infrastructure, crawling domains and URLs full-automated, checking them against a couple of anti-virus products from different vendors. In case our system detects suspicious code, caught by one ore more AV products, we alert webhost companies about potential malware hosted on servers they are responsible for.

  • Network owner? And interested in receiving data about your “Autonomous System”? Contact us.
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As part of our mitigation processes, we cooperate with a bunch of partners, blocking access to the malicious content and to secure theirs and our customers.

If you are interested in doing same or in using our innovative BrandProtection Services, please let us know and get in contact with us!